Know The Feeling?

by Frank Riccobono

Do you ever see someone and think that you know them...but you're not quite sure?


(GUI1 starts on stage. GUI2 and GUI3 start from off stage)

GUI 1: Hey, I think that’s Mike from work. I wonder if he’s going to say hello if he sees me. He’s looking this way…and nothing. He probably didn’t see me. Oh no! He’s looking this way again. What if it’s not him? Is it him? Stop staring, he’s going to notice and that would be really weird if it’s not him. (Averts eyes)

Phew, that was close. It is possible that I’m wrong and it’s not him. I mean, I only worked with him on that project for a week and it was a long time ago. Maybe I don’t really remember what he looks like or maybe it is him and he doesn’t even remember me. What if I say ‘hi’ and he doesn’t know me? Then there’s that awkward pause…unending silence …neither of us certain…me not willing to admit I’ve made a mistake…him not willing to admit to a faulty memory. I’d cause him to have nervous break- down. The thought of who that mysterious person who greeted him on a street corner was will consume him and destroy him.

He’s looking again and looking away again. It has to be him. (gasps) He’s probably ignoring me. Maybe he doesn’t want to talk to me. That’s it. He hates my guts and never wants to see me again. I’ll wave and he’ll say, “You would dare speak to me again, peasant! I thought I had done with you. Draw steel!” He unsheathes his rapier and challenges me to a duel…I don’t know how to swordfight. I don’t think he would do that though, he always seemed nice enough. Besides, he doesn’t seem to be carrying a sword. I’m gonna say ‘hello.’

Although he’s with someone…that makes it like a bazillion times worse if I’m wrong. If he’s not instantly ashamed causing their friendship to fracture, he’ll look at his friend; his friend will look at him. “Do you know that guy?” “No, what a freak.” Then they start laughing…at me…I shrink away embarrassed…and they just laugh more. They laugh so hard they can barely breathe, and then they both have heart attacks and drop dead right then and there. I could kill them! That’ll weigh on my conscience forever…two people dead because I thought I knew one of them. No. I have to do the responsible thing and just pretend I don’t know him and walk away. (exits)

(GUI 2 and GUI 3 enter)

GUI2 (to GUI 3): Wow that could have been embarrassing. I thought that was Jim from work. I was going to say ‘hi’ and introduce you two, but I guess it wasn’t really him. I dodged a real bullet there.

(GUI 2 and GUI 3 exit)


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